The Great Tim Ferris Hoax

by Chris

For those individuals wanting to increase residual income, Tim Ferris’s book “The Four Hour Work Week” was a likely first read.The book opens the reader’s eyes to how incredible one’s residual income can actually be. While the book has much to offer, there is a lie within in which many readers choose to believe.

Ferris provides advice and examples of how to make a business more efficient so one can start “living the life,” and not just working through life. Like so many readers, this hit home with me. I so often feel like all I ever do is work. So many people are comfortable in their current careers, and therefore, are petrified to take a leap of faith to pursue their passions. I am one of these people. However, after reading Ferris’s book, me and many others have been inspired to chase our dreams and start living our lives the way we had always hoped to.

There is one very important aspect of the book that is often overlooked: none of the strategies will be applicable if the reader doesn’t realize how hard Ferris has worked. His diligence and years of hard work to get his Brain Quicken product to make a sizable profit–$40,000–is what allows him to provide such excellent advice about residual income. Ferris was fully responsible for the development and production of the product, as well as all the accounting, marketing, and customer service. Like any good entrepreneur, Ferris spent countless hours building the Brain Quicken brand. This is a crucial part of the book as many readers expect only to work four hours a week as opposed to having to work insanely hard to get to that point

I am by no means suggesting a 100-hour work week for years on end, but rather that getting to a four hour work week requires time and effort. The hardest part, starting a business from scratch, takes a lot of time and energy. If likened to a plane, getting that plane off the ground can take a long time and a lot of hard work, but once it is up, autopilot turns on and it’s smooth sailing from there. Ferris’s book will ultimately help in thin process by allowing one to create the most efficient business possible.

My main point is this: nothing worth having comes without hard work. One can have the freedom of time and money such as Ferris does if willing to work for it. Overall, I love “The Four Hour Work Week,” and suggest reading it, even if only to think

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